We believe that Wedding coordination is the SMARTEST thing you can spend your money on.  The stress that this service can alleviate is insurmountable.  Planning a wedding is no easy feat, and if you've already started the process, you know.  We have two tiers of Coordination.  Day Of Wedding/Event Coordination and Full Wedding/Event Coordination.

The Day Of Coordination is an absolute must-have.  This service organizes your whole day, and allows you to enjoy your new husband, all of your friends and family, and take in the moments, without having to worry about what happens next or who is supposed to stand where.  We will be at your venue(s) on two occasions: rehearsal and wedding day.  All of the following are included in the Day Of coordination package:

  • Organize and instruct processional line-up and spacing for wedding party
  • Instruct Ushers on guest greeting and escorting procedures
  • Distribute and pin on flowers to all wedding and extended family if the florist is not present
  • Hold Marriage License, ring box, and miscellaneous items for wedding couple and bridal party
  • Assist in ensuring all items that need to be transferred from the ceremony to the reception area are organized and properly placed
  • Make sure set up and decor for ceremony and reception are placed according to bride's plan
  • Assist with guest management and directions to reserved seating, verify that all favors, centerpieces, and place cards receive proper placement, and that all candles are lit
  • Serve as the point person that day for every vendor
  • Confirm or set up guest book, gift table, cake table, and any small rental equipment
  • Monitor guest book and gift table and ensure that all gifts/cards are transferred to couple's car, parent's car, or other designated location on the premises
  • Comprise an entire schedule of events from grand entry, to dancing, to cake cutting, and ensure that all events run smoothly and all participants are informed, with our own custom template schedule
  • And of course, last but not least, arrive with our Bridal Emergency Kit...packed with anything anyone could possibly need in a bridal emergency!!

Our Full Coordination Package involves everything that it takes to plan and organize your wedding.  Starting up to a year in advance (but not required) we will help you select a venue, a caterer, photographer, DJ, and all of the other necessary players on your important day.  We have our own list of trusted vendors to choose from, and we can also help you look at any other vendors that you are interested in.  We can help you negotiate contracts, choose menus, and even help you with a list of not-to-miss photos!  We act as the liason between you and your vendors.  Those hundreds of emails that go back and forth on negotiations, choices, decisions?  They will come directly to us.  We will whittle it down into a neat little package and present it to you without you having to go through all of the tedious legwork it takes to get there.  And of course all of the tasks from the above Day Of Coordination are included.


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