Design Package Deluxe

We believe your wedding design should reflect you and your partner, as a couple.  Who are you as individuals? Who are you together? What will you become as one?  If you've been together long enough to be getting married, then you will have the answers to these questions. 

Your wedding design should encompass everything about this day, down to the tiniest detail.  This is the biggest day of your life so far, and it should be memorable for you and your guests.  We can take your design from beginning to end - from the moment the guest receives the envelope in the mail to the moment that you are whisked away to your hotel, you can and should think about everything in between.  A cohesive design should include stationery, décor, flowers, attire, and even food!

This doesn't mean that you have to spend tons of money, either.  Many, many inexpensive weddings have been well planned out and designed.  We can design an entire DIY wedding if that's what fits your budget; we design it with the intentions that you and your bridesmaids will make it.  Or you and your mom...or your mom's garden club. :)  It doesn't mean that you must pay someone to make custom chair covers for you, it simply means that EVERYTHING you display and do should "GO" together, and have a reason for being.

All of our Design Packages include a visit to your venue.  We assess every aspect and every portion of the venue.  All Design Packages include an assessment of your Pinterest Board.  All Design Packages come with the option to rent all items from our extensive inventory.  All Design Packages come with a bid from us to complete the work, itemized by line item. 

Our Design templates include, but are not limited to:

Guest Entry, Guest Sign-in, Wedding program, Ceremony Aisle, Aisle Chair/Pew Design, Altar/Arch/Chuppah Design, Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaids Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Flower Girl/Ring Bearer flowers/props, Family personals, Ceremony Toss, Bar Décor, Bar Signs, Cocktail Table Flowers/Décor, Escort Cards, Menu Design/Menu Suggestions, Place Cards, Reception Layout, Place Settings, Centerpieces, King's Table/Sweetheart Table, Guest Favors/Favor Display, Cake Design/Display/Topper suggestions, Dessert Table/Display, Late Night Snack Display, Exit/Sendoff.

A Wedding Design that gives you choices.  We give you two to three choices per location, typically with a high, medium and low price.  You choose which design you like best, and which choice fits your budget.  This allows you to prioritize the more important areas, and save money else where.


Wedding Design in Lake Forest

Design Package Standard

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A Wedding Design that is tailored to your budget.  You can do the work yourself, or, we can do it for you. You choose which items to make yourself and we will give you instructions.  We can even give you samples for an additional fee.